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How CBD Works in the Body

CBD offers many health benefits, including that it:


Research shows CBD has therapeutic potential for treating an anxiety disorder. Most CBD research is pre-clinical on animal models, however, there are human studies emerging. Our full or broad spectrum CBD oils or capsules along with some light to moderate exercise may provide you support and help lower your anxious moments.


Digestion/GI Issues

A 2018 study found CBD helps individuals manage their symptoms of Crohn’s disease while reducing gut inflammation. Many other gut issues can be addressed with CBD as well due to its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Try our organic, full or broad spectrum tinctures and obtain the benefits of CBD.


Wrist Pain

Wrist pain can be the result of sprains, strains, or fractures. Additionally, repetitive motion can cause acute or chronic pain, inflammation, arthritis and carpal tunnel. Our CBD lotion applied directly over the area of pain along with an ingestible (full/broad spectrum tincture or capsules) can provide both short and long term relief.

Shoulder Pain and Inflammation
Shoulder pain can encompass different muscles, ligaments, tendons, or the shoulder joint itself due to recent injury or long term overuse. Our CBD lotion used in conjunction with a full/broad spectrum tincture or capsules can provide both localized and full body relief.
Ankle and Foot Pain
Ankle and foot pain are not only uncomfortable, but can take a long time to heal. Evidence shows that topical CBD lotions can help with a variety of discomforts while enhancing the natural healing process. A full or broad spectrum tincture or capsule can also assist the effectiveness of the topical lotion by reducing your body’s inflammatory response to the injury.
Knee Pain and Inflammation
Knee pain is a very common area of complaint from people of all ages, shapes and sizes. Injuries may include ligaments, cartilage and the meniscus. The healing process can cause chronic results in the knee joint. Studies show that a topical lotion can help not only with pain, but can lower arthritic and inflammatory conditions. A full/broad CBD tincture or capsules can also help support the healing process.
Hip Pain and Inflammation
Hip pain can be caused by an injury, arthritis, inflammation or bursitis. Evidence shows that a high quality CBD lotion can help with a variety of discomforts. Application directly over the site of pain ensures full absorption and optimal results. A full or broad spectrum tincture and/or capsules can also be considered for more of a long term solution to fight hip pain and inflammation.
Immune Function
CBD is not immuno-suppressive, meaning it can help treat symptoms of autoimmune disease. It does this by promoting different types of cells that regulate and control your immune system. CBD can help to boost immunity through its anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory properties.
Try one of our full or broad spectrum tinctures, capsules or gummies for added support.
Headaches can be very debilitating to many people. Statistics show 35-40 million people suffer from migraines.  An even larger number of people experience tension and cluster headaches as well.  OTC drugs can be dangerous when taken in high doses, mixed with other drugs, taken daily or for an extended period of time. Studies show that CBD can be just as effective as OTC or prescription drugs but without the side effects. Try a CBD tincture/capsules and treat your headaches more naturally.


Low levels of serotonin are associated with depression. Professionals believe the benefits of CBD on depression relate to how it positively affects your brain’s ability to recognize serotonin. Using CBD doesn’t increase serotonin levels but does impact your brain’s response to the serotonin already produced by your system. Try one of our high quality full or broad spectrum GMP certified oils, capsules or gummies for support.


Research shows taking 160mg of CBD helped produce longer and better quality sleep time. Although the research between CBD and sleep is still being studied. It does appear that proper dosage and consistency play an important role in promoting better sleep. Try one of our ingestible GMP certified products such as an oil, capsules, or gummies for a better nights rest.

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Neck and Trapezius

Neck and trapezius pain or stiffness can be caused by repetitive motions, overactivity, poor posture, or stress. These symptoms can then lead to headaches as well as taut and tender muscles not only in the neck and trapezius but the entire shoulder girdle. Check out our GMP certified lotion for deep localized soothing relief. Our full or broad spectrum ingestible products such sublingual tinctures, capsules or gummies for long term support is advisable.

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Mid Back

Mid back pain can be caused by poor posture, muscle strains/sprains, prolonged sitting, etc. It can be burdensome and create difficulty to complete task efficiently without pain. Try applying ice over the area of pain and rest the muscles as needed. Once the skin returns to room temperature apply our high quality CBD lotion for localized pain relief. Also, consider full or broad spectrum ingestibles for longer term support if chronic discomforts continue.

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Low Back

Low back pain can be very debilitating and prevent many people from engaging in activities that they love.  Moreover, since the low back is so integral to the biomechanics of the spine it can create discomforts to structures above and below in which a pattern of acute or chronic pain could ensue. Try our CBD lotion for localized pain relief. Apply it directly over the area of complaint. Also, for a  more systemic or long term approach our full or broad spectrum ingestible products such as a tinctures, capsules or gummies may work well.  

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The presentation of sciatica can range from sudden intermittent pain to a constant dull ache. It can also travel from the mid back to the low back, gluteus and leg regions. Some describe it as a bee sting that wont go away. CBD lotion may help the localized pain when applying it directly over the region(s). Additionally, our GMP certified high grade tinctures or other ingestible could further give support as a long term remedy.

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Elbow pain can show up due to a few mechanisms of injury. Tennis elbow can occur on the outside of the elbow. Where as, Golfer’s elbow occurs on the inside of the elbow. Other injuries to the elbow can also be caused by hyperextension or overuse. All of these are very painful and can be difficult to resolve, mainly because you never stop using your arms and therefore your elbows. Consider using CBD lotion for daily local pain relief as well as one of our ingestible products in order to maintain joint health and decrease inflammation.

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Hands and Fingers

The cause of hand pain can be caused by many possible ailments. Some could be from repetitive activities, labor intensive jobs, auto immune diseases, or carpal tunnel. Some people even complain of pain in their hands that wake them up at night. Try our top tier GMP certified CBD lotion for local pain relief and/or one of our ingestible products for long term support and decreased inflammation.

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Some reasons you experience leg pain could be from muscular fatigue from overuse, tendon/ligament sprains, or injury to a bone or joint. Conditions already mentioned could cause problems in your lower back as well from a compensatory gait. Restless leg syndrome is another leg concern that afflicts many people. Try a more natural approach toward the relief of your symptoms by using some of our GMP certified CBD lotion directly over the area of pain. Consider one of our ingestible products for  longer term natural support.

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Heel and Calf

Heel pain can really stop you in your tracks. The two most common conditions are plantar fasciitis, which is inflammation of tissue that attach the bones of the toes to the heel. Symptoms can include a sharp pain at the bottom of the foot. Achilles tendonitis is an injury of the tendon which is a continuation of the calf muscle that inserts to the back of the heel. Symptoms can include a localized pain directly over the back of the heel. Try our GMP certified CBD lotion for pain relief or one of our ingestible products as a natural long term anti-inflammatory remedy.

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Our Selection of CBD Products

CBD Tincture/Oil:

1000mg to 10,000mg Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum (THC Free) sublingual tinctures are our most versatile products that help with the widest variety of conditions.

CBD Topicals:

CBD in topical lotions is absorbed through the skin and is used to target specific problematic areas of the body such as knees and shoulders.

CBD Capsules:

Flavorless vegetable fiber based capsules are taken to get an exact dose of CBD every time.  Great for those who do not like the taste of CBD tinctures.

CBD Gummies:

Our chewable fruit flavored gummies are the easiest to take and are great for those on the go.

“The doctor of the future will give no medication but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease”

About Us

Naturally Restored Inc. was founded by two friends, who over dinner were talking about joint pain and physical fitness and how they used CBD oil products to ease those pains. They brainstormed the idea and quickly realized many individuals could be helped and find relief with affordable CBD oil products.

In their research, they found that many CBD oil products for sale today aren’t completely certified by independent third-party testing labs or are prohibitively expensive.  Many of those who found relief with CBD realized they could not afford the products they were taking and decided they would have to continue enduring their ailment(s). 

Naturally Restored decided to change that.  Our ownership team is comprised of an independent pharmacist and a manufacturing and distribution professional, both with decades of experience.  Our complimentary set of core competencies is what enables Naturally Restored to bring the best and most effective products to you at the most affordable prices on the market.


The vision of Naturally Restored is to make an impact on the wellbeing of individuals by providing helpful products that are:

  • High-Quality
  • GMP Compliant
  • Certified
  • Effective for Daily Use
  • All-Natural
  • Affordable

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Our CBD Products Meet Authenticity Guidelines

Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) guidelines are essential for the authenticity of our products. GMP rating is particularly difficult to meet or exceed. Each product that we provide either meets or exceeds today’s GMP guidelines and are 100% made in the USA. Certifications are important because they ensure you receive the safest and highest quality products from credible and reputable manufacturers. We highly encourage you to do your own research on our products, as well as those of our competitors. Non-certified product claims may not be accurate or in worst case scenarios, may be completely false which could put you at risk.

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We are offering our tinctures, gummies, lotions, and more at up to 75% off for new customers!

Must register as a new customer for the discount. Savings are automatically applied to the cart.