CBD Oil Drug Interactions – How It Interacts With Medications

The most important factor when evaluating CBD’s potential for drug interaction is to determine if the medication in question is metabolized by the CYP450 enzymes.  If so, there is a potential for drug interaction with CBD.

To date, no clinically significant interactions have been identified at CBD doses below 20mg/kg per day.  For example, a 180-pound person (approx. 81kg) would have to consume 1620mg of CBD per day to be at risk for a drug interaction.

There is one exception, however.  Interaction with CBD and Warfarin, a blood-thinning medication, is a possibility if the user consumes 10 mg/kg per day or 810mg for the same 180-pound person.  Always consult with your physician before taking CBD in conjunction with any blood-thinning medication.

CBD Has a Similar Warning with Grapefruit

The FDA states that consuming grapefruit while you are taking certain medicines could cause a higher concentration of the prescribed medicine in your bloodstream.  You could experience negative side effects as over 85 medications interact with grapefruit.  Chemicals found in grapefruit and CBD stop certain enzymes from working.  This results in your body breaking down medication slowly.

Grapefruit warnings are common in different types of FDA approved medicines.  However, not all medicines will require you to avoid grapefruit.  You will want to ask your doctor and check your medicine’s insert for additional information.

Chemotherapy Drugs and CBD

It is important to take the right dose of chemotherapy medications during cancer treatment.  An incorrect dose can be either ineffective or extremely toxic.  Always consult a health care professional before taking CBD with chemotherapy medications.

Remember, medicines with a grapefruit warning on the label could interact with CBD.  However, even if you are taking one of these medications, your doctor can work out a plan where you can safely use both.

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